A sample puzzle from Southwestern president’s ‘Seinfeld’ of classes

Southwestern University President Edward B. Burger likes to think. He likes to get students thinking. And he likes puzzles. Hence, his new course: “Effective Thinking and Creative Puzzle-Solving.” He calls it the “Seinfeld” of classes because the course “was about nothing,” as he put it during an interview.

As part of the class, students were given three puzzles a week. I asked for an example.

“I really shouldn’t,” Burger said. “They had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I could use them next year. I don’t want all the answers out. I’ll give you one. It’s the first easy one they got. It’s called ‘Who’s Who:’

“One afternoon on a college campus over a hundred miles from Georgetown, two students — a math major and a philosophy major — were talking. ‘I am a math major,’ said the one with black hair. ‘I am a philosophy major,’ said the one with red hair. Given that at least one of these students is lying, what color hair does the math major have?”

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